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How to become known as an expert in your office
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Experts have influence – when they are known. The vehicle of influence is driven by the engine of credibility. And credibility is based on the foundation of authority and expertise. But what does it take to become an expert? In … Read More

How to dress for a presentation – Master the 4 F’s
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Goal clarification? Check. Presentation content? Check. Rehearsal? Check. Outfit? Say what? Most people giving presentations pay a lot of attention to their content. And rightly so. But they often do not recognize the impact that their physical appearance has on … Read More

Is your voice making your presentation boring? 5 tips to making your voice more impressive
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Meet Mr and Ms Monotone  You have probably attended a speech or presentation in which either Mr. or Ms Monotone was speaking. You could easily recognise them by the flat, colourless drone of their voices. It was like listening to … Read More

Expertise is valuable – 3 tips for choosing your field of specialization
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People respect expertise and they listen to experts. This is with good reason – experts have put in the work to become knowledgeable in their fields. And this is the key phrase – in their fields. They choose a field … Read More

How to become an expert in your field – It will change your life
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Maybe you want to advance in your career – you want more autonomy or more responsibility in your job. Maybe you want to change companies. Or maybe you like your current company but just not your current role in that … Read More

What to wear for a presentation: 3 points to consider
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The question is about what to wear for a presentation. But maybe you have another question – is my outfit really that important? Shouldn’t people judge me by my character and my content? In the first post in this series, … Read More

Want to be more productive? Go to sleep
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How much sleep did you get last night? Five hours? Maybe six? If so, then you could be wreaking havoc on your creativity, productivity and long-term health. Whereas the conventional wisdom is that to be productive you should sleep less … Read More

Engage your audience instantly with this irresistible speech opening technique
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The first 10seconds of your speech are critical. During this time, your audience may be turned on… or off. They may engage or disengage. And you better believe they are making judgements – about you and your presentation. Not bad … Read More

One important aspect of your presentation that you are probably not thinking about
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In this article, I will share with you one very important aspect of a presentation that most speakers neglect even though it can make or break their success. No time to waste – let us begin.  Motivations  Have you ever … Read More

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