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One important aspect of your presentation that you are probably not thinking about
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In this article, I will share with you one very important aspect of a presentation that most speakers neglect even though it can make or break their success. No time to waste – let us begin.  Motivations  Have you ever … Read More

How to persuade people when they don’t like your ideas
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Have you ever had to persuade a sceptical audience? Maybe you were trying to get the audience to switch from their current supplier to your company. Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur with a great but new and strange idea … Read More

Procrastination: One reason why you are doing it and how to fix it
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Do you procrastinate? That is like asking if you break wind – of course you do! You and I may not want to admit it, but we do it – quite a lot. Procrastination that is, but probably the other … Read More

Choose your fear – failure or regret?
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What keeps us from trying? What keeps us grinding and never growing? Plodding but never planning. Working in but never working on… For some, it is apathy – numbness. For most of us though, it is fear. And it can … Read More

Want to be more professional? Do these 3 things
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I was at an event about a year ago and got introduced to one of the speakers backstage. Prior to meeting him, my colleague who introduced us had described the speaker as a “consummate professional”. I remember thinking to myself … Read More

What to do when you are feeling guilty about failing to follow through
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We have all been there. We have felt the pain of feeling guilty when we fail to follow through on our goals or commitments. Maybe we set goals, made plans and started off with enthusiasm. One week, two weeks, maybe … Read More

Why you don’t need a coach – 3 secrets of coaching yourself to success
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Let’s face it – a good coach can be expensive. Very expensive. Many people really want to take their skills, their careers and even their overall experience of life to the next level. But they simply cannot afford it. So, … Read More

Communicate credibility to your audience – three unusual tips to help you do it better
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Would you take financial advice from a hobo?  We listen to people we think are worth listening to. People we find credible. But what is credibility? And how can communicate your credibility in conversations and presentations? In this article, I … Read More

What to wear for a presentation – 3 reasons you should care
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You have your speech prepared and ready to go. Just one question left to answer… for the love of sanity, what on earth do you wear? What to wear for a presentation can be a tough question to answer. The … Read More