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Can dressing up make you smarter?
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Most people will agree that dressing up probably makes you look smarter. But what if I told you that it goes beyond looks. What if I told you that throwing on your best threads can nudge your intelligence and performance … Read More

Learn any subject faster and better – Economical learning techniques 4
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In the previous post, I introduced you to the concept of PSP statements. In this post on the subject of Economical Learning, we will discuss exactly how to use PSP (pre-study primer) statements in practice. Let us begin. PSP statements … Read More

Master the Analogy III – Mistakes to Avoid
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In the first and second posts in this series, we talked about what analogies are and why you should care as well as some tips to get you started. In this post, we’ll talk about some mistakes to avoid and … Read More

Gain mastery of the analogy II
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In the first article on the use of the analogy, I introduced the concept of analogies and how you can use them as a persuasive tool. In this article, let us consider the most important factor that determines the analogy … Read More

Redefining projects – an easy tweak for more productivity
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Our approach to the activities in our work makes all the difference in how productive and successful we are. In this short post, let us rethink one important term in the lexicon of productivity – the project. What is a … Read More

Trick your brain into beating procrastination using this simple hack
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You have an important project to complete. Might be a report, a set of code for a new software, a presentation to an audience or maybe you just need to tidy up your desk or organize your closet. But you … Read More

Master the analogy – a powerful persuasive tool
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An analogy is a figure of speech that can be a very effective way to convey complex information. It makes your idea easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to remember. But it must be done right for it to … Read More

How to overcome the fear of public speaking
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Imagine you just got a call at the office. You have been asked to give a presentation at work. What do you think? More importantly, how do you feel? Do you feel the familiar anxiety resulting from the fear of … Read More

Learn any subject faster and better – Economical learning techniques 3
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I have read a hundred things in Livy that another has not, or not taken notice of at least; and Plutarch has read a hundred more there than ever I could find, or than, peradventure, that author ever wrote. MICHEL … Read More