Are Your Presentations Boring? 3 Tips to keep your audience interested in what you have to say

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Have you ever found yourself talking on the phone enthusiastically only to realize that your connection was lost minutes ago? Well, in public speaking, connection with the audience is lost even more often. And what do most speakers do? They … Read More

How to dress for a presentation – Master the 4 F’s

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Goal clarification? Check. Presentation content? Check. Rehearsal? Check. Outfit? Say what? Most people giving presentations pay a lot of attention to their content. And rightly so. But they often do not recognize the impact that their physical appearance has on … Read More

Is your voice making your presentation boring? 5 tips to making your voice more impressive

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Meet Mr and Ms Monotone  You have probably attended a speech or presentation in which either Mr. or Ms Monotone was speaking. You could easily recognise them by the flat, colourless drone of their voices. It was like listening to … Read More

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