After working in various industries from financial to manufacturing and engineering consulting, I noticed a few things:
  • I noticed so many talented, hardworking and brilliant people being passed over for advancements in their career while other less competent colleagues got promotions due to their presentation skills.


  • I watched as teams would labour over tough projects and have no choice but allow the most skilled presenter take all the glory because the great producers were not great presenters.


  • And I watched as leaders eroded their influence and credibility with their teams one boring presentation at a time.
I decided to help
Presentations provide a unique and powerful opportunity to deliver your message, service or story... to the right audience... on your own terms. It is an opportunity to motivate your team and effect change in your organization. To squander it due to a lack of skill is unfair to you and the work you do.
If you are ready to make the investment of acquiring this most versatile and powerful of skills; if you are willing to invest in yourself, your career or your business, then I want to hear from you. Contact Anthony



My client holds me accountable to provide my best insights and advice and I hold my client accountable to do the work needed to produce the best results.




I feel invested in each person's success and strive to deliver the best value. Therefore I limit the number of clients I take on at any given time.



I coach my client through to independence and greater level of skill not dependency on a coach. 



The coaching experience should be challenging but also fun. Gaining a new and powerful skill should be an exciting and rewarding journey and so I strive to make sessions an enjoyable experience.




Each person is a unique individual. The coaching relationship is not about producing a copy of someone else. It is about uncovering and enhancing the other person's natural abilities and strengths.