Hot Stock Pick for 2018 – You Inc.

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Talking to my wealth manager the other day about what would be a hot stock in 2018, he said something that surprised me. He advised me that the best stock in which to invest in today’s market is myself. Quite an odd thing for a wealth manager to say, wouldn’t you agree? He went on to say that with all the uncertainty in the stock market – equities rising and falling like ocean waves – there is only one sure place you can invest in that you are guaranteed exponential returns – your own personal development.

This will not only improve the inherent quality of your life, it will help make you recession-proof as you will be able to remain relevant and valuable in an ever-changing economic climate.” He explained.

Now, full disclosure, I am my own wealth manager and that entire conversation happened in my head.

Hot Stock Pick – You Inc.

In 2018 (and any other year), the most important stock you can invest in is You Inc. That is, You Incorporated. I emphasize the word incorporated because there are numerous aspects of You that incorporate to make you who you are. Investing your dollars in the companies on the stock market may return financial gains. But You Inc. is more than a money-making money-spending machine. You Inc. is a multi-faceted enterprise that includes your body, your mind, your soul, in short, your entire life.

You Inc. offers bonus units for investments of time and energy on top of dollars.  Also, You Inc. offers a robust point and rewards program – the more you invest, the more you get back. Returns are geometric, dividends are generous and gains span from short through medium to long term. Beat that Dow Jones!

Strategic Pareto Investing in 2018

The Pareto Principle states that a large percentage of outcomes (gains) come from a disproportionately small set of inputs (activities). It is also called the 80/20 rule. That is, roughly 80% of your gains are coming from 20% of your activities.

In 2018, investing in You Inc. may be your 20% that produces 80% of your returns. This investment will enable you to do everything else better – including investing.

In 2018, investing in You Inc. may be your 20% that produces 80% of your returns. This investment will enable you to do everything else better – including investing.

Now, before investing in anything, even a hot stock, it is wise to understand its operations. Therefore, what follows is a review of how You Inc. subsidiaries are doing so far as well as a look at the outlook for 2018.

You Inc. subsidiaries to watch in 2018

You Inc. subsidiaries may have done ok in 2017. However, I project explosive growth in the following subsidiaries as you, the Chief Executing Officer and majority shareholder make some strategic moves.

You Inc. Health and Fitness

This arm of You Inc. is poised to pounce in value in 2018. And because a lot of the other You Inc. operations leverage the operations of the H & F arm, growth in this subsidiary is crucial and will ripple across the entire incorporation.

Returns are expected in the form of increased satisfaction, improved morale, higher productivity and positivity as well as overall wellbeing. The goal should be zero spend on health costs outside of the pre-set generous health benefit and wellness package.

H&F Business Analysis

The business analysis algorithm had produced a formula based on market conditions to ensure this wing of You Inc. thrives in 2018.

2ER + R2 – Eating Right | Exercising | Rest and Rejuvenation.

In contrast, activities that have been shown to be resource drains include indulgence in overwork or overplay, junk food and disregard of internal signals of stress.

One other formidable threat to this vital arm of You Inc. is competition with other subsidiaries for time and energy allocation. You Inc. must be aware of the dangers of unhealthy internal competition and adopt a wholistic model of synergy and collaboration if it will be a booming enterprise in 2018.

You Inc. Product Innovations (YIPI)

In 2018, the market is demanding and rewarding innovative solutions to problems. Also, we have seen a surge in the demand for an agile and adaptable approach to operations and service delivery. You Inc. Product Innovations must, therefore, position itself to capitalize on this trend. The Research and Development (R&D) department of this wing will be central to the success of this subsidiary and the entire incorporation.

Focus on R&D

In the past, R&D was allocated a modest percentage of the incorporation time and dollar budget. Operations were skeletal and ran on an on-demand schedule. Therefore, to ensure maximal value from the market in 2018, R&D should be prioritized and moved from a reactive model to a visionary one.

To ensure YIPI is profitable, investment in strategic continuous learning will be an important focus in 2018. The department cafeteria will be redesigned to double as a library and study. In addition, a percentage of manhours will be allocated to sponsored courses and workshops in line with the strategic vision of You Inc. This will ensure YIPI stays on the cutting edge of developments and can deliver valuable products and services to clients.

You Inc. Social

Advancements in technology have led to the meteoric rise of social media over the past few years. However, looking at the data, You Inc. analysts are now suggesting that the returns from resources spent on social media have not matched up to the investment cost. Long-term projections of continued spending at the current rate are bleak.

In 2018, resources will be redistributed within You Inc. Social so that real-life contact with invested stakeholders is prioritized. The social media department of You Inc. Social will continue operations, however, collaboration will be encouraged between You Inc. Social and YIPI to leverage You Inc. Social media technologies for value creation.

You Inc. Executive and Advisory Hub (YEAH)

Decisions from YEAH in the past have been reactive. While this has served to keep You Inc. afloat with modest gains, a better strategy can be adopted for 2018. These are listed below:

YEAH will only approve projects in line with the vision and strategic plan.

YEAH will only approve projects in line with You Inc.’s core values.

YEAH will NOT renew contracts with difficult, toxic or unreliable vendors.

YEAH will support You Inc. Social in developing mutually-beneficial connections with new, qualified partners.

YEAH will support social responsibility initiatives.

YEAH will prioritize quality over quantity of output.

YEAH will prioritize people, relationships and reputation over profit – and so You Inc. will be more profitable.

Optimism for the future.

You Inc. will continue to grow and return outstanding value to stakeholders. By building on past successes and learning from past missteps, the leadership of You Inc. is positioning the incorporation to be the most valuable all-around asset on the market for the foreseeable future.

May 2018 be your best year so far, and a launch-pad to greater things. Here’s to You.

Until the next post, be your best and do your best.